Book 3 in The Girl in the Mirror

The Whisper of Persia (Book 3 of The Girl in the Mirror)

He destroyed her life.  Now, she’ll destroy his deadly plans.
Sophie had been right with her assertions not to trust Dominic Schilling.  After all, he had killed her mother.  Now, he had taken the sons of GYGES for himself; ninety kids with the same genetic enhancements as her own; strength, intelligence, endurance, longevity and the ability to become invisible.   This could never be a good thing. 
When she learns her father is dead, suffocated by a rogue CIA operative, her already spinning world spirals out of control. Determined to find answers and exact revenge, she travels to Cuba to find the elusive murderer.  Whilst there, a cryptic message from beyond the grave sends her in another direction and straight into a waiting contingent of CIA and FBI agents, armed and alerted to her presence.
If escaping that wasn’t hard enough… across the pond on an island north-west of Scotland, Dominic plots to use the sons of GYGES for nefarious means, hatching a plan that will isolate Sophie from interfering with his schemes, whilst at the same time getting him the prize he so wanted: the Whisper of Persia diamond.
Can Sophie prevent the inevitable or will all of her efforts be for nothing?
The Whisper of Persia is the pulse-racing conclusion to The Girl in the Mirror trilogy.

​Release date 29th November 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9934167-2-9

The eBook is available to order now from Amazon here priced at £3.99 (UK).  Or in the USA $3.99 click here.

Also available in paperback priced £10.99 from all good book stores.